The interiors of a place are of utmost importance as it is responsible for creating the ambience and making the room habitable and attractive. Keeping the increasing demand in this sector, SC offers their clients a range of interior services, wherein our interior designers design the interiors keeping in mind contemporary designs and clients long term needs. Be it offices, or commercial buildings, SC designing team can proficiently undertake designing services for any sector successfully.

SC is young but in a short span of time built a service portfolio ranging from architectural designs to complete interior fit-outs including modular workstations and chairs.

Interior technology is the technique which elaborates how one can intelligently communicate the technical knowledge to enhance the beauty and glamour of a project in least budget. It is the vision of the interior designer to feel the project better than it will actually look like. Technologies are available and affordable to every one, but the way in which how these techniques are executed is what makes a difference. Our USP and fine proposition is in our approach, which is transparent and pivoted around innovating in every thing we do.

The basic approach towards any opportunity is in 3 phases.

   Concept & Prototype Development

   Branding & Signage Development

   Creative Design & Space Planning

   Feasibility Planning

   Potential Location Site Reviews

   Schedule & Budget Planning

   Site Survey & Site Specific Space Planning

   Material Selection & Specifications

   3D Renderings

   Production of Detailed Interior & Construction Drawings

   Procurement of Mechanical & Electrical Drawings

   Millwork & Fixture Design

   Branding, Logos, Signage Design, & Graphics Creation

   Interior Merchandising Solutions

   Audio/Video, Security, & Point of Sale Solutions

   Project Management (Budgets, Schedules, Vendors, etc.)

   Construction Permits

   Vendor Selection & Management

   Project Management

   Contract Documentation & Administration

   General Contractor & Vendor Management

   Fixtures, Furniture, & Materials Procurement

   Custom Lighting & Furniture

   Design Finishing Touches & Staging


  Retail Solutions

While there are traditional solutions around the retail business from a branding perspective, there are effective & proven ways to promote the brand within the store. We can help you create packaging which "Screams" to be picked up, there are a whole lot of options to encourage and effect "spur of the moment" purchasing. Studies reveal that the decision to buy is taken in 8 seconds not more, if such be the importance of time, would't you want to lend a "zing" to your products and help push sales.

Feel free to contact us for the little magic that we can build on your retail strategy.

A whole new world awaits the consumer in the area of "other channels". Whether it is a bank teller, automated information dispensing system or simply a side shop, we can help you make the most innovative and smart customer touch points, popularly known as "Kiosks".

Use mild steel for robust and security sensitive applications, use MDF or Plywood for colourful but tough usage, put in an additional option to get sharp cuts and precision along with the strength to last. For others, where the glamour quotient needs to be high - just experiment with Acrylic. Looks can't kill but they can sell.

We love to brandish the brand. To enhance the power of your brand and get the shoppers want to steal from your shelves, talk to us. With specialists working on the job, to create just the right display, we pride in giving you the edge in modern retail.

Whether you choose wood or acrylic or a more robust GI or ACP base on your shelves, we can custom make the shelf or dispenser that will make your products stand out in a crowd.

A whole new way of branding, that's in expensive and easy to handle. These are self adhesive strips, in various widths, that go along a surface of the sales are and give a distinctive appeal, in line of sight of the customer.

Gaining popularity, they are also very useful as they can change with the flavour of the month and keep the branding, right up where you want - in the customer's mind, when you want!!

Print Solutions

Our Print Support Solutions are designed for large organizations who have varied printing needs, from regular stationery to statutory documents, internal communication material to customer communication/marketing material. Such requirements call for special skills and expertise, not to mention the free overload on the company's resources. We at Silver Campaigns put our years of know how to get you the most suitable solution at the best cost, keeping your critical quality and time sensitive imperatives.

It is under one contract and roof; you can therefore find all your answers to questions related to anything which has to do with printing, from customer application forms, to customer tickets on one side to Employee Welcome Kits to Corporate Ethos in the office.

Our Strong network of partners, having specialty services & tied by our strict SLA (service level agreement) helps us to provide you not just the best advise but the best price as well.


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